Whole-cut Seafood, Made from Plants

Introducing the only plant-based salmon filet that looks, cooks, tastes and flakes like wild salmon.


We've recreated the  structure of a salmon filet, including aligned muscle fibers, connective tissue, fats, and other components thanks to our proprietary muscle fiber & scaffolding technologies.


Our salmon filets transition from raw to cooked, and under similar cooking conditions to ordinary salmon.


Our filet tastes like salmon thanks to our proprietary flavor technology, is high in protein, and matches the same level of Omega 3's found in wild salmon.

... and Flakes

Once cooked, New School Foods’ salmon forks into flakes & fibers, thanks to our muscle fiber technology platform, replicating the mouthfeel and texture of fish.

In the news

"A whole cut salmon alternative, made from plants"
"This Plant-Based Salmon Looks, Tastes, Cooks, and Flakes Like the Real Thing"
"Unlike anything else we’ve seen"
"Futuristic food science technology"
"Looks and tastes like salmon, but it’s actually plants"
"Daring entrepreneurs zig when others zag… New School Foods decided to zig into a new approach"
"Plant-based alternatives as a better choice for the environment"
Promises to be virtually indistinguishable from the real thing"
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Proprietary muscle fiber and scaffolding platform for whole-cut meat alternatives with the same texture and mouthfeel.

Our technology

Partnering with leading food science universities, New School Foods developed novel processing & scaffolding technologies that deliver a number of firsts for the meat alternative industry.

Muscle fibers, made from plants

Proprietary muscle fiber and scaffolding platform for creating whole-cut meat alternatives.

Whole-cut scaffolding

A zero-compromise salmon filet that combines muscle fibers with plant-based connective tissue, fats, colors, and flavors.

Cold-based Production

Unlike nearly all other products in the market that are pre-cooked by production, New School Foods’ cold-based processing technology creates a filet that starts raw and cooks like wild fish.

by design

Our production technologies are capable of global scale, while maintaining the texture, mouthfeel, and macro structure that differentiates New School Foods salmon from anything else on the market.

We are firm believers that in order for consumers to want plant-based meat alternatives, they need to be more authentic by properly delivering on texture, cooking, appearance, price and taste.

Work at the (non)bleeding
edge of meat alternatives
About New School Foods™
Founded in 2020 and based in Toronto, Canada, New School Foods’ mission is to accelerate the transition to a kinder, more sustainable food system by creating no-compromise meat alternatives.

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